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Lightened engine parts

If you want more acceleration, especially in lower gears, lightening crankshafts and flywheels is a good idea. 

It will NOT give you any more power, so top speed, will remain unchanged.  It WILL allow more power to reach the wheels under accelerating conditions because less energy is being wasted accelerating the engines rotating parts up to speed!


It may also result in a slightly lumpier idle, but will give faster throttle response when you blip the pedal!  Much like a motorcycle, because they have no flywheels.  

The gains are quite small and expensive but like all engine tuning you have to decide what you are trying to achieve.  And everything should be a good balance of modifications that matches.

A lightened Suzuki 1300 GSXR Crankshaft and it has no flywheel at all!  >>>


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